April 15, 2018

Fun Add-Ons!

We’re proud to offer awesome fun “yard games” that are great for players waiting their turn (in a large group rotation) or for adults at parties while kids are busy playing.

Add any or all of these great games when booking your party!

Giant “Jenga” Tumbling Towers

We build the “tower” and teams take turn removing blocks, one at a time.  If the building tumbles during your turn, you lose!  Great fun for all ages.

Giant “Connect 4” Game

The classic game of “four in a row” in a giant format!  Take turns dropping your colored discs into the game slots.  Get four in a row and you win!

Kick Darts

Darts and Soccer pair up in this awesome fun, inflatable game! Players take turns kicking the “dart balls” at the giant dart board.  When the ball sticks, you score!  Tally the scores and high score wins!  Fun for all ages!

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